Desklayer is the result of my thesis work on the theme "Developing an advanced user interface", the program wants to simplify the desktop experience and order windows on the desktop.

There are many utilities that do something similar to Desklayer, but i think that Desklayer does something more.


Desklayer is a windows manager that provides to arrange windows on the desktop in various types of layout. Desklayer allows you to move windows across all positions of the layout and arrange the windows size and the layout arrangement dynamically according to the size of the downsized window. Desklayer also re-arrange the layout in consequence of events that involve windows visible on the screen.


Main Features

Here is a list of main Desklayer's features:

  • Border Layout and Grid Layout (Java-like) for windows arrangement
  • Dynamic resizing of windows to exploit all the possible space on the desktop
  • Dynamic re-arrangement after windows events (close window,add window,minimize window,maximize window, ...)
  • Possibility of add and move windows from and to all the sides of the layout (in border layout mode)
  • Exclusion of windows associated to selected executables
  • Assignment of custom dimensions to the sides of the layout (border layout only)
  • Automatic arrangement of all visible windows on desktop
  • Restore windows positions to their positions before the applying of Desklayer's layout



Here are some examples of how your desktop may appear after a layout arranging with Desklayer:


Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

You can also see some videos here


Short manual

  • CTRL+ALT+B : activate border layout
  • CTRL+ALT+G :activate grid layout
  • CTRL+ARROWS: move or exchange windows arranged from the side indicated by the arrow to the central cell cyclically (only border layout)
  • ALT+ARROWS : move selected window to the side pointed by the pressed arrow
  • ALT+F10 : move selected window to the central cell
  • CTRL+BACKSPACE : restore windows positions to their previous arrangement on the desktop (before applying Desklayer's layout)




Here you can download the latest version of Desklayer:

Download DeskLayerSetup_0.1beta.rar

This is a beta version so it may be unstable.


Here is the github repository with Desklayer's source

In the source code there is also a little documentation of the classes, but it's in italian (I'll translate it in english).

The software agrees with GNU GPL licence.


Desklayer works with windows Xp/Vista/7.


The software was an University project and is not active at the moment. Anyway advices, questions and bug reports are always welcomed:

Report bugs at bugs@lkrprojects.com



Aims of the site

This site started when I was a student and with very limited resources. All the material here has been made for educational purpose and was given to the community for let them try my programs and my projects.

I hope that something that I do can be useful, enjoy!